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Chromium-Free Performs Better

  • Jürgen LuberEmail author
Cleaning & Pretreatment Pretreatment Processes Compared

For many decades, yellow and green chromating have been the technologies of choice for the corrosion protection of metals. Rising costs for health and safety and environmental protection as well as changes in market demands have resulted in a situation in which chromium-free alternatives are increasingly gaining a foothold in the market. A comparison of old and new technologies shows why.

Two chromium-free processes from Chemetall were selected for the comparison between chromating and alternative technologies: Gardobond X 4707 and Oxsilan AL 0510. Both have been used for several years in many plants around the world.

The Gardobond X 4707 process is based on zirconium and titanium as the coating components and was developed specifically for the treatment of aluminium. A totally new approach was pursued with Oxsilan, a technology suitable for multi-metal applications. In addition to zirconium, silanes form the basis of this process that replaces chrome and zinc phosphates.

The Oxsilan...

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