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Automated 2-Component Coating Made Easy

  • Markus ScheuberEmail author
Liquid Coatings Complete System for Difficult Repairs

Until now, there has been no recognized standard for the automated application of the 2component coating materials frequently required for maintenance and repair work on ship hulls, pipelines and steel constructions such as bridges. This results in labourintensive, timeconsuming and costly manual labour. A specially developed complete system for the automated application of 2component coatings not only simplifies repair jobs but also offers significant cost advantages.

Functional coatings are used to provide corrosion protection or as sealants, for example in ship and bridge building, or for pipelines and wind turbines. The 2component materials used for these coatings are still often mixed by hand and applied with a brush, as until now there has been no suitable technology that automates this process.

Existing systems tend to use inferiorquality cartridges, which can lead to leaks and therefore contamination during storage. What is more, these cartridges cannot easily be filled without...

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