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Dual Tank System for Complex Geometries

Series Cleaning of Investment Cast Parts
  • Ernst Schwarz Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

Around 25,000 parts made of high-alloyed steel and nickel-based material are cleaned every week at a manufacturer of investment cast parts. These are sensitive components with complex geometries that need to be reliably cleaned. For that reason, the company chose a system that fulfils their cleanliness specifications under series production conditions.

_____ A conventional cleaning process is not sufficient for the cast parts manufacturer Feinguss Blank to clean its produced parts according to specifications. The company supplies complete components for all sectors of the metalworking industry, using all types of investment casting, from steel and vacuum investment casting right through to aluminium and copper-based investment casting. The workpieces made of high-alloyed steel show no visible signs of dirt residues after aqueous cleaning. However, the company’s cleanliness specifications require a second cleaning process.

For this application, Feinguss Blank decided to install a new...


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