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The Latest Trend: Matt Clearcoats

Not a Standard Coating Process
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Automotive Finishing

Demand for matt automotive clearcoats is expected to rise in the future. They are less sensitive than glossy clearcoats, as soiling is not as noticeable as on a glossy finish. Unfortunately however, matt clearcoats cannot currently be applied using a standard OEM coating process.

_____ They are a real eye-catcher at major car shows. More and more car makers are presenting their models in a new visual style — with matt clearcoats. Previously used only with custom paint jobs, they are now increasingly being used in smaller production runs as well. Matt clearcoats also occupy a significant place in the latest colour trend collection at BASF Coatings.

The clearcoat forms the top layer of an automotive coating system. This final layer seals the entire coating and is usually pigment-free and transparent. It has to fulfil special requirements. In addition to chemical resistance, the focus in the clearcoat segment is on achieving very high scratch resistance.

Haptic effects

Although this...


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