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Eliminating the Primer-Surfacer

Integrated Paint Process at BMW
Automotive Finishing

Car buyers will not notice any difference in the paintwork of their new car.

But coatings experts know that something has changed: BMW has decided in favour of greater sustainability in its vehicle production. Following BMW Oxford, the BMW plant in Spartanburg (USA) is now also using a coating system that eliminates the primer-surfacer. Other plants are to follow.

_____ Sustainability is not only BMW’s motto in the development of new vehicles. The car maker also places great emphasis on environmentally friendly and resource-efficient production. Primer-less coating — or the Inte-grated Paint Process, as BMW calls the new technology — is actually only one of many examples of sustainable production at BMW.

The Integrated Paint Process eliminates the application of the primer-surfacer. The functions of the primer-surfacer are now transferred to the base coat. The first and second base coats are applied “wet on wet” on the electrocoat. The coating is then dried and the clearcoat is...

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