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“Engaged scholarship requires close collaboration”

  • Kari Lukka
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Controlling research and practice are in a close relationship - sometimes too close, sometimes too remote. Why is this relationship so sensitive and how can the two fields become more relevant to each other? “Engaged scholarship” is the solution Kari Lukka, Head of the Department of Accounting and Finance at Turku School of Economics, Finland, offers in his conversation with Utz Schäffer.

Kari, we are very pleased to welcome you to WHU as keynote speaker at the Annual Conference for Management Accounting Research (ACMAR). The conference is a meeting point for more than 130 scholars from Germany, Austria and increasingly from other countries around the world. In your speech, you are going to talk about the relevance of management accounting research as well as the relationship between research and controlling practice. Briefly, what are your thoughts on this?

One question that comes to mind when thinking about this topic is: “Too theoretical or too practical?” When our research is...

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