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The Elusive Business Partner Controller

  • Martin QuinnEmail author
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The term „business partner“ is one of those terms that is broadly used, but possibly not fully understood. As it defines the new role of controllers, it is worth exploring the original meaning of the term „partner“. It may help to understand what managers expect from controllers and what controllers can expect for the future.

„The term business partner is not terribly useful. It seems to be a bit of a black hole“ Graham Colbert, Vice President Finance of AstraZeneca International Sales & Marketing is quoted in a 2009 report by CIMA on fi-nance business partners. „Nobody really knows what it means in practice“ (CIMA 2009, p.16). The whole report suggests the meaning of the term is ambiguous in practice. Of course, the use of words is a nuance of lan-guage, but sometimes it does help to go back to the original meaning of words to see if how we now use them actually makes sense. The term „business partner“ is perhaps in need of a dictionary search. The term „busi-ness“ is quite clear, so...


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