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„Controlling contributes a strategic perspective“

Interview mit Pierluigi Coppo, Geschäftsführer Rosenthal GmbH


ZfCM: Sambonet Paderno took over Rosenthal just a few months ago in the midst of the economic crisis. What motivated you to do so?

Pierluigi Coppo: The deal between Sambonet Paderno and Rosenthal began at a point when the economic crisis was still in its infancy. During the entire negotiation stage we were driven by an ideal business plan and were convinced that the Rosenthal brand is the main asset of this company. This firm conviction has not been affected by the current crisis.

ZfCM: You and your brother have a history of successful „turnarounds“. What makes you confident that you will be able to turn Rosenthal around also?

Pierluigi Coppo:Rosenthal is a company with an important and successful history. Moreover, our confidence with regard to a successful turnaround is based on two further aspects. On the one hand, we are confident that by implementing our philosophy and enabling synergies with Sambonet & Paderno products and distribution, we will be able to expand...

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