New thermodynamic data for liquid aluminum-magnesium alloys from emf, vapor pressures, and calorimetric studies


Experimental thermodynamic studies of liquid Al-Mg alloys have been performed by several methods resulting in: (1) Mg activities from galvanic cells with liquid electrolytes at temperatures from 910 to 1070 K, atX Mg = 0.1 to 0.7 and for the dilute range whenX Mg = 0.0126 to 0.1430 at 927 K; (2) Mg activities from the emf method with solid CaF2 electrolyte at temperatures 921 to 1093 K, with concentrationsX Mg = 0.05 to 0.9; (3) Mg activities from vapor pressure measurements (Knudsen effusion method) at temperatures ranging from 722 to 1188 K, at XMg = 0.0424 to 0.8885. Vapor pressures of pure solid Mg at temperatures 674 to 851 K. In addition, liquidus temperatures for Mgand Al-rich alloys were obtained; and (4) Partial and integral enthalpies from reaction calorimetry at 1023 K, starting from pure Mg bath at concentrations, XAl = 0.066 to 0.499, and starting from pure Al bath at XMg = 0.522 to 0.906. The mutual consistency of these four sets of data was analyzed. New results together with the selected thermodynamic information reported in literature were optimized to describe the liquid phase with the Redlich-Kister equation, as a preliminary step for phase diagram calculations of the Al-Mg system.

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