Densities and molar volumes of solid lithium-magnesium (Li-Mg) alloys


Densities of solid Mg and Li-Mg alloys were measured for five compositions of mole fractions of Li equal to 0.05,0.1,0.15,0.20, and 0.25, respectively, by the dilatometric method. The curvilinear dependence of the density on temperature (room temperature up to 873 K) was observed for all investigated alloys. Results could be described by parabolic equations. The molar volumes of Li-Mg alloys were calculated from the density measurements. It has been found that the densities of solid Li-Mg alloys show positive deviations from linearity, and the molar volumes exhibit negative deviations from linear dependence for all samples in the experimental concentration range. It was possible to describe the dependence of density on temperature and concentration by a polynomial. Coefficients of thermal expansion were calculated and discussed. The density of the (Li) phase along the (Li)/[(Mg) + (Li)] boundary was calculated and described by a temperature-dependent polynomial of the third power.

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