Simultaneous calculation of mechanical properties and phase equilibria

  • Xiuqing Li
  • A. P. Miodownik
  • N. Saunders
Basic And Applied Research


Many formulas have been developed to describe the mechanical properties of various microstructures, but there have been relatively few attempts to combine such formulations directly with multicomponent phase diagram calculations obtained by the CALPHAD technique. This paper describes some of the techniques used in developing such a combined approach as part of a more comprehensive materials property program (MPP). The basic requirement is to describe the mechanical properties of the overall alloy by determining the effect of each solute, and the grain size, on the mechanical properties of the various phases in a multicomponent system. As some of the coefficients are not readily available, methods have to be evolved that echo problems already faced by the CALPHAD community with respect to characterizing the thermodynamics of metastable phases. It will be shown how the inter-relation of various mechanical properties, such as yield strength and hardness, can also be used to produce self-consistent data. The promising results obtained for dual-phase materials can be considered a firm foundation for future work on more complex systems.


Phase Equilibrium Ultimate Tensile Strength Duplex Stainless Steel Proof Stress Yield Point Phenomenon 
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  • A. P. Miodownik
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  • N. Saunders
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