Science in China Series A: Mathematics

, Volume 47, Issue 4, pp 593–604 | Cite as

Symmetry properties of Cayley graphs of small valencies on the alternating group A5

  • Mingyao Xu
  • Shangjin Xu


The normality of symmetry property of Cayley graphs of valencies 3 and 4 on the alternating group A5 is studied. We prove that all but four such graphs are normal; that A5 is not 5-CI. A complete classification of all arc-transitive Cayley graphs on A5 of valencies 3 and 4 as well as some examples of trivalent and tetravalent GRRs of A5 is given.


Cayley graph m-CI-group normal Cayley graph arc-transitive graph GRR of a group half-transitive graph 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Mingyao Xu
    • 1
  • Shangjin Xu
    • 1
  1. 1.LMAM & School of Mathematical SciencesPeking UniversityBeijingChina

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