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An Oncoplastic Surgery Primer: Common Indications, Techniques, and Complications in Level 1 and 2 Volume Displacement Oncoplastic Surgery

  • Krishnabhai Patel
  • Joshua Bloom
  • Salvatore Nardello
  • Stephanie Cohen
  • Juliann Reiland
  • Abhishek ChatterjeeEmail author
Breast Oncology


Oncoplastic surgery is a form of breast-conservation surgery that involves volume displacement and replacement techniques for optimal aesthetic results after oncologic resection with partial mastectomy. With growing emphasis on breast conservation, oncoplastic surgery is becoming a critical component in the approach to breast cancer in appropriately selected patients. Thus, it is paramount that surgeons are informed about oncoplastic surgery and its use in breast cancer treatment. This primer aims to provide key information regarding oncoplastic surgery. To accomplish this, we used supportive evidence from the literature, combined with clinical experience. The primer uses the American Society of Breast Surgeon’s consensus definition and classification system for oncoplastic surgery, focusing on level 1 and 2 volume displacement techniques. We outline procedures within these categories, review common indications, and provide a guide to approaching tumors based on their quadrant position. The paper also describes complications specific to these procedures, as well as their management. Understanding these concepts will allow surgeons to assist patients in making informed decisions using these breast-conservation techniques.



Krishnabhai Patel, Joshua Bloom, Salvatore Nardello, Stephanie Cohen, Juliann Reiland, and Abhishek Chatterjee have no disclosures to declare.


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  • Joshua Bloom
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  • Salvatore Nardello
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  • Stephanie Cohen
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  • Juliann Reiland
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  • Abhishek Chatterjee
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