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Triangle Resection with Crescent Mastopexy: An Oncoplastic Breast Surgical Technique for Managing Inferior Pole Lesions

  • Dennis R. HolmesEmail author
  • Melvin J. Silverstein
Breast Oncology


Resection of inferior pole breast cancers commonly produces inferior cosmetic results, particularly when resection of skin is required. The triangle resection with mastopexy is one of several oncoplastic breast surgical techniques that enable resection of inferior pole lesions with preservation if not improvement of breast cosmesis. This procedure may be combined with unilateral or bilateral mastopexy to further improve breast cosmesis in patients with mild to moderate ptosis.


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  1. 1.Los Angeles Center for Women’s Health, California Hospital Medical CenterLos AngelesUSA
  2. 2.Hoag Breast Care Center, Hoag Hospital PresbyterianNewport BeachUSA

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