New methods for \((\varphi, \Gamma)\)-modules

  • Kiran S Kedlaya
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We provide new proofs of two key results of p-adic Hodge theory: the Fontaine-Wintenberger isomorphism between Galois groups in characteristic 0 and characteristic p, and the Cherbonnier–Colmez theorem on decompletion of \((\varphi , \Gamma )\)-modules. These proofs are derived from joint work with Liu on relative p-adic Hodge theory, and are closely related to the theory of perfectoid algebras and spaces, as in the work of Scholze.


p-adic Hodge theory Perfectoid fields Field of norms equivalence Witt vectors \((\varphi , \Gamma )\)-modules Cherbonnier–Colmez theorem 

Mathematics Subject Classification

Primary 11S20 Secondary 11S15 13F35 



Financial support was provided by NSF CAREER grant DMS-0545904, DARPA grant HR0011-09-1-0048, MIT (NEC Fund), UC San Diego (Warschawski Professorship). The author thanks Ruochuan Liu, Ryan Rodriguez, Peter Schneider, and Sarah Zerbes for helpful feedback.

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