Table 2 The sample of sentences to be classified

From: Improving the accuracy of text classification using stemming method, a case of non-formal Indonesian conversation

No. Sentences Label English
1 mbak bantu booking ya yg flight ke dua Booking Help me to book a second flight
2 bantu bookingin untuk flight ke jkt Booking Help me to book a flight to jkt
3 bantu book tiket cgk-jog ya mbak Booking Help me to book a ticket cgk-jog
4 tlg bantu bookingin tiket psw mas Booking Help me to book an airline ticket
5 bisa bantu rebook tidak mbak? Booking Could you please help to rebook?
6 mas issued aja Issued Issue it please
7 data sdh benar. Tolong dicetak saja Issued The data is correct. Please issue it
8 tolongin dong issued tiketnya Issued Help me to issue a ticket
9 issued saja Issued Please issue it
10 diisued saja dulu nanti saya kirimnya Issued Issue it first, I will send later