Table 3 Screening tasks

From: BRAINSTORMING: A study protocol for a randomised double-blind clinical trial to assess the impact of concurrent brain stimulation (tDCS) and working memory training on cognitive performance in Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)

Task Description
Digit Span (WAIS-IV) The patient is read a sequence of digits, to repeat forwards, backwards or in ascending order of magnitude (sequence).
Arithmetic (WAIS-IV) The patient is read a number of mathematical problems increasing from very simple to complex in terms of the amount of information the person has to hold in mind.
Symbol Span (WMS-IV) Patients are asked to look at a series of symbols for 5 s then choose which symbols they saw from a multiple-choice format, pointing to them in the order they were shown from left to right. The test progresses from only one symbol with the sequence increasing depending on how well people do.
Spatial Addition (WMS-IV) The patient is shown a grid for 5 s, then a second grid for 5 s. The grids contain blue and red circles. The patient is provided with a number of cards showing red, blue or white circles and asked to place them onto a cardboard grid according to the following rules: Place a blue circle in any place where you saw a blue circle on only one of the pages. Place a white circle in any place where you saw a blue circle in the same place on both pages. Ignore red circles.