Table 2 Example PubMed search string

From: Technology-based health solutions for cancer caregivers to better shoulder the impact of COVID-19: a systematic review protocol

Concept Search string
Cancer cancer*[MeSH] OR cancer*[TIAB] OR tumor*[MeSH] OR tumor*[TIAB] OR tumour*[MeSH] OR tumour*[TIAB] OR neoplasms[MeSH] OR neoplasms[TIAB]
Caregivers caregiver*[MeSH] OR caregiver*[TIAB] OR famil*[MeSH] OR famil*[TIAB] OR spous*[MeSH] OR spous*[TIAB] OR dyad* [MeSH] dyad* [TIAB] OR partner*[MeSH] OR partner*[TIAB] OR couple*[MeSH] OR couple*[TIAB]
Technology-based interventions “technology”[MeSH] OR “technology”[TIAB] OR “eHealth”[TIAB] OR “telemedicine”[MeSH] OR “telemedicine”[TIAB] OR “tele-medicine”[MeSH] OR “tele-medicine”[TIAB] OR “telehealth”[TIAB] OR “tele-health”[TIAB] OR “connected health”[TIAB] OR “digital health”[TIAB] OR “mHealth”[TIAB] OR “mobile health”[TIAB]