Table 1 Cancer caregivers' unique needs associated with COVID-19

From: Technology-based health solutions for cancer caregivers to better shoulder the impact of COVID-19: a systematic review protocol

Cancer caregivers’ unique needs associated with COVID-19
Unique challenges due to COVID-19 Need category
Due to cancer patients' canceled or delayed access to cancer care owing to heightened healthcare needs among COVID-19 patients, patients may need to rely more on caregivers for their care needs compared to their pre-COVID-19 normal. Cancer care needs
As a result of negative impacts of COVID-19 and striking caregiver burden amid COVID-19, cancer caregivers may need healthcare services that can address issues associated with their physical and psychological health. General healthcare needs
In addition to pronounced need for information on healthcare, due to the fear and uncertainty surround COVID-19, caregivers may need more information to help themselves as well as patients to cope with the impacts associated with COVID-19. Information and communication needs
Protective measures against the spread of COVID-19 (e.g., lockdowns, self-isolation, and social distancing) Social support needs