Table 1 Ratio between intensities of wave numbers used for the detection of protein and lipid

From: Protein signature of human skin fibroblasts allows the study of the molecular etiology of rare neurological diseases

Fibre background 1.269
"Empty" vacuoles  
 With protein rim 1.343
 With lipid rim 0.413
 With fuzzy border 1.346
Filled vacuoles 1.202
Amorphous vacuoles  
 Filled (inner) 1.359
 With protein rim 1.419
 with lipid rim 0.691
Lipid accumulations  
 Cloud-like 0.507
 Dot-like 0.825
Fatty degeneration 0.442
  1. The averaged spectra from Fig. 4 were used to calculate the ratios between 2921 and 2847 cm−1. Ratio2921/2847 show the relationship between the characteristic wave numbers of protein and lipid