Table 4 Summary of 2017 assessment HSS program suggestions and actions taken for 2018 UNICEF cohort

From: Transforming UNICEF’s approach to health system strengthening: what place can a blended learning course play?

2017 Assessment HSS program suggestions Actions taken for 2018 UNICEF staff cohort
HSS Program Developers (Nossal Institute for Global Health and UNICEF)
Assess UNICEF staff HSS needs, goals and motivations pre-HSS program Aligns with the formative evaluation findings of UNICEF’s programming in HSS [7] and has been acted upon
Increase strategic link of HSS actions to staff operational work level and practices Strategic link of HSS actions to UNICEF staff operational work level and practices have been highlighted in the 2018 HSS program
Include diverse country case studies on how to apply HSS actions  
UNICEF Headquarters  
Invest in a UNICEF Senior Executive HSS Masterclass to facilitate them to support and authorise their graduates to apply HSS approaches A Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) that was developed in 2018 and launched in 2019 provided a means for both UNICEF staff and development partners to become familiar with much of the course content. In addition, the health specialists in health systems at UNICEF headquarter runs regional webinars to follow up with HSS graduates and their senior staff
Include applying HSS actions’ indicators in UNICEF staff Performance Appraisal Frameworks: to optimise graduates accountability for applying HSS actions UNICEF performance appraisals provide the opportunity, and in additional there is the potential to review graduate workplans for evidence of HSS application
Support UNICEF graduates exchange visits to countries with exemplar HSS actions The suggestion of ‘staff exchange visits’ is met through the current regional HSS webinars conducted by the HSS team in headquarters where graduates chare their examples of actions taken with those from other settings
Provide more face-to-face opportunities for graduates to interact with program deliverers and other graduates post-course In 2018 graduates of the HSS program were invited to facilitate a side event at the Global Symposium on Health Systems Research, the biennial conference for those involved in health systems research and practice
Invest in an expansion of the HSS program to UNICEF external partners The launch of the MOOC in 2019 has been an excellent example of expanding the audience of the HSS program and reflects the regard with which UNICEF hold the blended learning program. In the first delivery of the MOOC over 6000 participants from 167 countries enrolled