Table 2 Changes in UNICEF graduates work practices

From: Transforming UNICEF’s approach to health system strengthening: what place can a blended learning course play?

Reported changes in work practices Online survey
Illustrative quotes
Illustrative quotes
Changed thinking Systems thinking is the major change that I have made in my daily work practice HSS learning has helped me to think more systematically and holistically while planning… The seven steps of planning have been ingrained into my thinking
Increased knowledge, skills and confidence to apply HSS tools Confident in contributing to GAVI HSS proposal writing and with appreciation of data analysis using EQUIST, it was easy to articulate Equity issues in the proposal I became more explicit about HSS in my meetings with the MOPH. For example, when we proposed to host the management of Accelerated immunisation activities in the district offices (instead of the central) I used arguments in favour of decentralisation acquired in the course
Facilitated discussing HSS A good understanding of HSS has enabled me to provide added value in the way we support the Government I find myself advocating more and more for systems building approaches as opposed to disease specific activities. I apply the principles of the UNICEF HSS strategy and consider health systems at facility and community levels rather than vertical programmes. This has been made easier as more and more donors and partners prefer to support broader systems strengthening
Increased use of health system-based approaches Focussing more on equity analysis and programming I work in a very specialised area of work that tends to be very much a silo. Thinking about it now, I have actually moved to working in a more systemised approach…