Table 1 The list of De-identified data

From: CardioNet: a manually curated database for artificial intelligence-based research on cardiovascular diseases

No. De-identified information
1 Unique identification information (resident/alien registration number, passport number)
2 Names (including Chinese characters, English name, pen name, etc.)*
3 Detailed address (detailed address below eup/myeon/dong)
4 All phone numbers (including mobile phone/home/company/fax number)
5 E-mail addresses
6 Medical record number
7 Patient registration number
8 Health insurance card number, Welfare recipient number
9 Accounts number, Credit card number
10 Certificate/License number, Student number
11 Vehicle number, registration number & serial number of various devices
12 Full-face photographs or equivalent (still photo, video, CCTV, video)
13 Identification code (member ID, employee number)
14 IP (Internet Protocol) address, Mac (Media Access Control) address
15 URLs (Universal Resource Locators)
16 Biometric identifiers: fingerprint, iris, vein, voice, handwriting, personally identifiable genetic information
17 Any other personally identifiable information (pathological number)
18 Date of birth**
19 Any other unique identifying information (military number, registration number of the individual business operator)
20 The indirect identification information contained in the information collection is also deleted in principle if it is not related to the purpose of data use.
  1. *Including medical personnel
  2. **“Date of birth” is not personally identifiable information, IRB approval is required if information up to “date” is required