Table 1 Structure of the dietary modification intervention for reduction of exposure to EDCs

From: Effects of a dietary modification intervention on menstrual pain and urinary BPA levels: a single group clinical trial

Component Contents   Methods
Small-group education (90 min) Introduction (10 min.) Welcome and information about the research process Lecture with PPT
Understanding of EDCs (30 min) Definition of EDCs Lecture with PPT
Sources of EDCs in food, cooking, & containers  
Mechanism of EDCs, women’s menstruation, & reproductive health  
Self-appraisal (15 min) Self-check of the degree of exposure to EDCs Survey and comparison with peers
Seeking solutions for minimizing exposure to EDCs (25 min.) Identification of strategies to reduce BPA exposure in dietary habits Lecture with PPT and discussion
Self-contract (10 min.) Making self-contract for the reduction of fast/processed food consumption Writing a contract
Follow-up monitoring (4 weeks) Monitoring by theresearch team Confirmation of the checklist
Feedback on practice
Encouragement for empowering
Online messages from the research assistant in each of the three groups
Peer support via social network communication (4 weeks) Communication with peers Sharing experiences with peers Social networking among the group members
  1. EDCs, Endocrine-disrupting chemicals; PPT, PowerPoint