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Table 2 List of new variables (Chan et al., 2015) created for analyses of components and their descriptors

From: Development of a Canadian socioeconomic status index for the study of health outcomes related to environmental pollution

New variable (n = 8) Census variables (n = 22)
 1) High material ownership Home ownership
Car, truck or van for commute
 2) Low material ownership Rent accommodation
Public transportation use
 3) Socially advantaged Marital status
One family households
 4) Economically advantaged Employment rate
Median income
Certificate, diploma or degree
 5) Socially disadvantaged Single, widowed or divorced
Multiple family households
Lone parent families
 6) Economically disadvantaged Prevalence of low income after taxes
No certificate, diploma or degree
 7) Indication of potential children’s environmental hazard Construction of home ≤1946 to 1970
Construction of home 1971–1990
Construction of home 1991–2006
 8) Cultural identities Very high sum HDI
High sum HDI
Medium sum HDI
Low sum HDI