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Table 1 Parameters and variables used in the selection for PCA analysis

From: Development of a Canadian socioeconomic status index for the study of health outcomes related to environmental pollution

Parameter (number of candidate variables) Variable (census 2006)
Cultural identities (n = 5) Very high sum human developmental index (HDI); high HDI; medium HDI; low HDI; aboriginal group status
Potential existence of indoor environmental pollutants related to health outcomes (n = 4) Construction of homes before 1946; 1946–1970; 1971–1990; 1991–2006
Environmental injustice indicators (n = 7) Marital status; prevalence of low income after taxes; car, truck, or van for commute; public transit, walking or bicycling for commute; multiple family households; owning a home; renting accommodations
Variables utilized in a previously proposed deprivation index for Canada (n = 6) Educational certificate; no educational certificate; employment rate; median income; total lone-parent families; divorced or widowed status