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Table 1 Summary of all reported cases of spine-involved mucormycosis

From: Paraplegia secondary to disseminated mucormycosis: case report and literature review

Number Year Author Age/sex Presenting symptoms Spinal involvement Position Underlying conditions Treatment Primary lesion Outcome
1 2018 Present 48/M Paralysis, fever T3–T6 Diabetic ketoacidosis Surgical debridement, posaconazole, amphotericin B liposomes, spinal canal decompression, pedicle screw fixation Lung Dead
2 2017 Shah et al. [20] 54/M Mechanical low back pain, right lower limb radiation L3–L4 Cryptogenic liver cirrhosis, Liposomal Amphotericin B None Dead
3 2016 Wang et al. [16] 20/F Lower extremity numbness and weakness fever, dysuria T3–T6 Right lung pneumonectomy Amphotericin B Chest wall Live
4 2015 Navanukroh et al. [13] 42/F Dry cough, left buttock and left lower limb sharp shooting pain, fever S1 Kidney transplantation Decompressive laminectomy of two segments, liposomal amphotericin B Lung Live
5 2015 Hadgaonkar et al. [8] 64/M Low back pain, fever, weight loss L4, L5 Diabetes mellitus, hypertension, chronic kidney disease Amphotericin B None Dead
6 2010 Giuliani et al. [5] 54/F Paraparesis T10–T12 Acute septic panniculitis, decompensated
Diabetes mellitus, obliterant arteriopathy
Acyclovir, Liposomal Amphotericin B None Live
7 2006 Chen et al. [12] 57/F Low back pain, fever, weakness and numbness of the lower extremities L4, L5 None Surgical debridement, amphotericin-B None Live
8 2000 Machida et al. [11] 58/M Fever, paraplegia T12, L1 Acute myelocytic leukemia Broad-spectrum antibiotics, amphotericin-B
Local irradiation
Lung Dead
9 1996 Pohle et al. [19] 43/M Lower extremity weakness, fever, weight loss T3, T4 Diabetic ketoacidosis, pancreatitis Amphotericin B Lung Dead
10 1988 Rozich et al. [14] 52/M Back pain, lower extremity weakness, fever L1–L2 MDS, splenectomy Amphotericin B, Surgical debridement Lung Dead
11 1979 Buruma et al. [10] 60/M Neck pain, arm weakness C3, C4 Carcinoma of the hypopharynx None None Dead