Table 3 Intraclass correlation coefficients (ICCs) among the pain scales

From: Cut-off points between pain intensities of the postoperative pain using receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curves

First pain assessment
 NRS 0.917 (0.891–0.938)  
 FPS 0.858 (0.814–0.892) 0.839 (0.790–0.878)
Second pain assessment
 NRS 0.945 (0.927–0.959)  
 FPS 0.851 (0.805–0.887) 0.846 (0.799–0.883)
  1. Data are expressed by ICC (95% CI). First pain assessment was performed when the patients opened their eyes spontaneously or responded well to physicians’ verbal commands to say their name after arriving at the PACU. The second pain assessment was performed 30 min after arriving at the PACU. CI Confident interval, FPS-R Faces pain scale-revised, NRS Numerical rating scale, ICC Intraclass correlation coefficient, PACU Post-anesthesia care unit, VAS Visual analog scale