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Extended opening hours of the one-stop shop

  • S Flais
  • M Dumba
  • A Newland
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The one-stop model was introduced into the oncology follow-up clinic for breast cancer patients at Ealing Hospital in November 2010. We present why and how this change was introduced, and assess the impact on radiology practice during the first 6 months. We also present the results of our first patient satisfaction survey completed by those attending the new clinic.


A customer survey was completed by 50 patients attending the new follow-up clinic over a 2-month period. The impact on radiology practice was also assessed


A total 100% of patients preferred the new follow-up system, and organisational changes to the work flow were implemented with no significant additional cost.


The one-stop approach is preferred by breast cancer patients at all stages of their care, not just at diagnosis. Patients can benefit from this system with minimal additional cost burden.

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  • S Flais
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  • M Dumba
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  • A Newland
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