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Erratum to: Functional magnetic resonance: biomarkers of response in breast cancer

Upon publication of our article [1], we noticed that the wrong image had been uploaded for Figure 6a [Fig 1]. The figure as it should appear can be found below.
Figure 1

T 2 *W images of a breast tumour. (a-c) Sagittal T2W (a), dynamic contrast-enhanced (DCE) subtracted image at time point 2.44 minutes (b), and T2 *W image (c) in a patient with a palpable breast lump in the upper outer quadrant. The tumour seen in (a) and highlighted in (b) shows heterogeneity of T2* with faster signal decay in the inferior part of the tumour, indicating a greater deoxyhaemoglobin content here.


Supplementary material

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Authors’ original file for figure 1


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    O'Flynn EA, Desouza NM: Functional magnetic resonance: biomarkers of response in breast cancer. Breast Cancer Res. 2011, 13: 204-CrossRefPubMedPubMedCentralGoogle Scholar

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  1. 1.Clinical Magnetic Resonance Group, Institute of Cancer Research, Royal Marsden, NHS Foundation TrustSutton, SurreyUK

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