Isolation and Characterization of a New Porcine Mycoplasma


In a study on the distribution of Mycoplasma sui- (hyo-) pneumoniae (M. suip.) among Danish swine it was found that most isolates possessing the characteristic colonial morphology of M. suip. would be inhibited significantly in the growth inhibition (g.i.) and metabolic inhibition (m.i.) tests by antiserum for a type strain* of this species. However, a few isolates were found to be completely unaffected by this antiserum. Five such strains have been recovered, viz. 4 from cases of catarrhal pneumonia in bacon pigs, 1 from the nasal cavity of a 40-kg pig. The pigs in question originated from 5 different herds. The recovery of 1 of the strains has been reported (Friis 1971b).

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