Halothane Sensitivity, The H Blood Group System and Phosphohexose Isomerase (PHI) in Pigs

A Linkage Study Of Physiological Importance


Previous investigations have clearly shown the existence of associations between halothane sensitivity, the H blood group system and the PHI enzyme system in pigs (Rasmusen & Christian 1976, Jørgensen et al. 1976). These associations which have considerable practical interest are most probably linkage phenomenons (Jørgensen 1977, Andresen & Jensen 1977). The major recessive locus for halothane sensitivity (HAL) comprises the two alleles N and n, n being responsible for halothane sensitivity. The distances between this locus and the loci for H and PHI are still not known exactly. This communication aims at clarifying these problems.

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The author cordially thanks Dr. Bent Larsen and Dr. P. Bräuner Nielsen for valuable discussions.

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