The effect of reproductive events on the course of bipolar disorder

  • Fisun Akdeniz
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The purpose of this talk is to review the literature and our studies concerning impact of female reproductive cycle on the course of bipolar disorder. The literature concerning following topics is reviewed: the relation between menstrual cycle and mood fluctuations (the impact of puberty on the onset of the illness, the relation between specific menstrual cycle phase and specific mood episode, prevalence of premenstrual syndrome among women with bipolar disorder); the impact of pregnancy and postpartum period on the course of bipolar disorder; and whether menopoause is a risk factor for bipolar women or not. The data suggest that hormonal fluctuations are associated with increased risk of mood fluctuations and mood episodes in women with bipolar disorder.

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  • Fisun Akdeniz
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  1. 1.Affective Disorders Unit, Department of PsychiatryEge University School of MedicineIzmirTurkey

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