A study on stress factors and coping methods among nurses in Ardebil hospitals

  • Mansooreh Karimollahi
  • Firooz Amani
  • Zahra Tazakori
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It should be explored the stressful origin, considering the influence of stress on nurse work, so that confronting with those stresses, in order to increase the competence, increase the strength of confronting with stressful factors and if possible decrease the environmental stressful factors.

Materials and methods

This study is a cross-sectional study that has been done on 158 nurses in 1382. Data collection method was a questionnaire in order to determine the stressful origins on nurse's environment. For analysis data uses descriptive statistics in SPSS program.


77.2 % of nurses were female and 22.8 % male. Most of them were expert with the average of 25.8 years old and average years of service were under 5 years. 58.2 % of nurses were married. 20.3 % of them were in surgery ward, 14 % were in special wards and 65.7 % work in the rest wards. Most of nurses mentioned that stressful factors are lack of workers in wards and the most desirable coping method among the nurses in confronting with stressful factors is to learn new problems and the least method is usage of antianxioty. The relation of demographic variable with stressful factors and coping methods are studied so that there there were distinguished statistical meaningful relation between variables or non.


By recognizing of these factors, one should program and fulfill methods for logical coping with stressful origins of nurse's environment.

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  • Mansooreh Karimollahi
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  • Firooz Amani
    • 1
  • Zahra Tazakori
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  1. 1.Medical Sciences UniversityArdabilIran

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