Combined near- and far-field high-energy diffraction microscopy dataset for Ti-7Al tensile specimen elastically loaded in situ

  • Todd J. TurnerEmail author
  • Paul A. Shade
  • Joel V. Bernier
  • Shiu Fai Li
  • Jay C. Schuren
  • Jonathan Lind
  • Ulrich Lienert
  • Peter Kenesei
  • Robert M. Suter
  • Basil Blank
  • Jonathan Almer
Data Descriptor


High-energy diffraction microscopy (HEDM) constitutes a suite of combined X-ray characterization methods, which hold the unique advantage of illuminating the microstructure and micromechanical state of a material during concurrent in situ mechanical deformation. The data generated from HEDM experiments provides a heretofore unrealized opportunity to validate meso-scale modeling techniques, such as crystal plasticity finite element modeling (CPFEM), by explicitly testing the accuracy of these models at the length scales where the models predict their response. Combining HEDM methods with in situ loading under known and controlled boundary conditions represents a significant challenge, inspiring the recent development of a new high-precision rotation and axial motion system for simultaneously rotating and axially loading a sample. In this paper, we describe the initial HEDM dataset collected using this hardware on an alpha-titanium alloy (Ti-7Al) under in situ tensile deformation at the Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory. We present both near-field HEDM data that maps out the grain morphology and intragranular crystallographic orientations and far-field HEDM data that provides the grain centroid, grain average crystallographic orientation, and grain average elastic strain tensor for each grain. Finally, we provide a finite element mesh that can be utilized to simulate deformation in the volume of this Ti-7Al specimen. The dataset supporting this article is available in the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) repository (


High-energy diffraction microscopy (HEDM) X-ray diffraction Far-field diffraction Near-field diffraction Three-dimensional microstructure Crystal plasticity finite element modeling (CPFEM) 



The authors would like to thank Dr. Adam Pilchak (Air Force Research Laboratory) for providing the Ti-7Al material examined in this study and the staff of the APS-1-ID-E beamline for experimental support. In addition, we would like to thank Dr. Nathan Barton (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), a preeminent scholar in the arts of crystal plasticity modeling, whose enduring friendship makes the toils of CPFEM bearable. The authors acknowledge the support from the Materials and Manufacturing Directorate of the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory. Use of the Advanced Photon Source, an Office of Science User Facility operated for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science by Argonne National Laboratory, was supported by the U.S. DOE under Contract No. DEAC02-06CH11357.


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    Email author
  • Paul A. Shade
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  • Joel V. Bernier
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  • Shiu Fai Li
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  • Jay C. Schuren
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  • Jonathan Lind
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  • Ulrich Lienert
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  • Peter Kenesei
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  • Robert M. Suter
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  • Basil Blank
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  • Jonathan Almer
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  1. 1.Materials and Manufacturing DirectorateAir Force Research LaboratoryWright-Patterson AFBUSA
  2. 2.Engineering DirectorateLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryLivermoreUSA
  3. 3.Carnegie Mellon UniversityPittsburghUSA
  4. 4.Deutsches Elektronen-SynchrotronHamburgGermany
  5. 5.Advanced Photon SourceArgonne National LaboratoryArgonneUSA
  6. 6.PulseRayBeaver DamsUSA

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