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Correction to: The role of synthetic biology in climate change mitigation

  • Charles DeLisiEmail author
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Correction to: Biol Direct (2019) 14:14

After publication of this article [1], the author brought to our attention that there are some errors in the article.

The first error is in the equation of the footnote 1. The correct equation should be: C = exp(-t/ τ) [C0 – f τR0 - fδτ2 ] + f τ [S(t) + τδ] (t < 80 years), rather than C = exp (τ −t/() [C0 – f τR0 -fδτ2] + f τ [S(t) + τδ] (t < 80 years) in the previous publication.

The second error is in the beginning of the third line from the bottom of the footnote currently reads dC/dt = S(t) - C/ τ whereas it should read dC/dt = f S(t) - C/ τ.

The last error is the year in the last sentence of the response to Reviewer’s report 2: it should be 2018 rather than 1918.


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    DeLisi C. The role of synthetic biology in climate change mitigation. Biol Direct. 2019;14:14. Scholar

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