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Women in U.S. Psychiatric Training

  • Shaili Jain
  • Bhawani Ballamudi
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Objective: The number of women in psychiatric training is predicted to increase over time. This article aims to review and evaluate the existing literature on the topic and identify present areas of concern and recommend future areas for research. Method: A Medline search from 1964 to the present day was conducted. Literature on female physicians in psychiatry, internship and residency, career choices, and medical education was reviewed. Results: Much has changed, for the better, to accommodate the needs of this population. The areas of role integration, career choices, and pregnancy remain issues of concern. These concerns will continue as the percentage of female physicians increases. Conclusions: The multiple issues surrounding the pregnant resident need to be formally addressed and recognized to avoid strain on all residents, patients and departmental systems. Political, social, and departmental issues need to be addressed to help female residents with role integration. Psychiatry should lead the way among medical specialties in advocating for excellent family leave policies and childcare. Academic psychiatry will have to use creative strategies to effectively recruit and maintain female faculty.


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  • Shaili Jain
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  • Bhawani Ballamudi
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  1. 1.Department of PsychiatryMedical College of WisconsinMilwaukeeUSA
  2. 2.Department of PsychiatryUniversity Of WisconsinMadisonUSA

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