Research on Chemical Intermediates

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Design, operation and analysis of microwave heated chemical reactors

  • J. L. Kuester


A microwave heated fluidized bed reaction system has been under development at Arizona State University (ASU) since 1981. The initial application was the production of semiconductor grade polysilicon in a continuous system. Subsequent applications have included calcination of a catalysts and gasification of biomass materials. In the course of these investigations, various modifications have been implemented to improve the performance and operational reliability of the system. The present configuration consists of an 8″ diameter reactor, 0-30 kW (915 MHz) generator and related auxiliary and transmission equipment.

The history of the ASU project will be reviewed with the intent of exploring opportunities for the processing concept for other potential applications.


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  • J. L. Kuester
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  1. 1.Department of Chemical, Bio and Materials EngineeringArizona State UniversityTempeUSA

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