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, Volume 29, Issue 3, pp 317–324 | Cite as

Redox reactions of disulfiram: a pulse-radiolysis study

  • M. Rele
  • S. Kapoor
  • T. Mukherjee


Redox reactions of disulfiram (DSF) were studied in aqueous solutions using the pulse-radiolysis technique. Reactions of DSF with one-electron oxidants Br⋅2- and N⋅3, generated pulse radiolytically in aqueous solution at pH 7, yielded a transient (λmax = 480 nm) which exhibited the characteristics of a disulphide cation radical and decayed by second-order kinetics. Reactions of DSF with halogenated peroxyl radicals CCl3O⋅2, CHCl2O⋅2, CH2ClO⋅2 and CBr3O⋅2 led to the formation of an adduct absorbing at 580 nm. The reduction potential was estimated to be 1.24 ± 0.06 V vs. NHE.



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  • M. Rele
  • S. Kapoor
  • T. Mukherjee

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