Research on Chemical Intermediates

, Volume 29, Issue 6, pp 575–587 | Cite as

Metal oxide-modified ZnO/SiO 2 catalysts for cyclo-dehydrogenation of ethylenediamine with propyleneglycol to 2-methylpyrazine

  • Ilnam Park
  • Youngwoo Rhee
  • Jeongho Lee
  • Yohan Han
  • Jongyeol Jeon
  • Hyungrok Kim


Metal oxide-modified ZnO /SiO2 catalysts were studied for the cyclo-dehydrogenation of ethylenediamine with propyleneglycol to 2-methylpyrazine at 633 K. The ZnO/SiO2 catalyst showed fairly good ethylenediamine conversion and quantitative propyleneglycol conversion with about 60 mol% of 2-methylpyrazine selectivity, which is due to the existence of large amount of unconverted intermediate, 2-methylpiperazine. Metal oxide (CuO, NiO, Co3O4)-modified ZnO/SiO2 catalysts were prepared to facilitate the dehydrogenation of 2-methylpiperazine to 2-methylpyrazine. About 82 mol% of 2-methylpyrazine selectivity was achieved on CuO and Co3O4 modified ZnO/SiO2 catalysts, with significant increases of pyrazine selectivity. The catalytic properties of the metal oxidemodified ZnO/SiO2 catalysts, pretreated with hydrogen gas as in the cyclo-dehydrogenation, were compared using the well-known probe reaction, the dehydrogenation/ dehydration of cyclohexanol to cyclohexanone or phenol/cyclohexene. The selectivities of pyrazine in the cyclo-dehydrogenation on the metal oxide-modified ZnO/SiO2 catalysts were correlated with the phenol selectivities of the probe reaction. It is proposed that the metallic site of catalyst is responsible for the formation of pyrazine from ethylenediamine dimerization. The improved 2-methylpyrazine yield on CuO/ZnO/SiO2 catalyst was explained by the proper adjustment of catalytic properties, which could be differentiated by the phenol selectivity in the cyclohexanol probe reaction. Thus, the large enhancement of 2-methylpiperazine dehydrogenation to 2-methylpyrazine and the suppression of excess pyrazine formation are supposed to occur on the metallic Cu formed in situ during the reaction during the cyclo-dehydrogenation of ethylenediamine with propyleneglycol.



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  • Ilnam Park
  • Youngwoo Rhee
  • Jeongho Lee
  • Yohan Han
  • Jongyeol Jeon
  • Hyungrok Kim

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