A Class of High-Rate Open image in new window Low-Complexity Error-Detecting RLL Codes

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We present a new methodology for the construction of high-rate channel modulation run-length-limited RLL Open image in new window codes. Simple modulation encoders and decoders are constructed, with low error propagation during decoding. They combine partial error detection capability (PED) to boost the performance of a concatenated outer Error Correction Code (ECC) [1]. Moreover, current systems are using low redundancy ECC, and the overall rate is mainly determined by the inner modulation code rate, which critically is to be maintained high. Code rates Open image in new window , for example, 16/17, 24/25 and higher are achievable, with efficiency exceeding 0.94 and 0.96, respectively. The proposed fixed length block decodable codes, are generalized schemes of the type Open image in new window for Open image in new window .


run-length-limited constrained codes 

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  1. 1.Texas Instruments, Inc.DallasUSA
  2. 2.Agere SystemsMilpitasUSA

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