An Intelligent Handover Management System for Future Generation Wireless Networks

  • Meriem Kassar
  • Brigitte Kervella
  • Guy Pujolle
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  1. Intelligent Systems for Future Generation Wireless Networks


Future generation wireless networks should provide to mobile users the best connectivity to services anywhere at anytime. The most challenging problem is the seamless intersystem/vertical mobility across heterogeneous wireless networks. In order to answer it, a vertical handover management system is needed. In our paper, we propose an intelligent solution answering user requirements and ensuring service continuity. We focus on a vertical handover decision strategy based on the context-awareness concept. The given strategy chooses the appropriate time and the most suitable access network among those available to perform a handover. It uses advanced decision algorithms (for more efficiency and intelligence) and it is governed by handover policies as decision rules (for more flexibility and optimization). To maintain a seamless service continuity, handover execution is based on mobile IP functionalities. We study our decision system in a case of a 3G/UMTS-WLAN scenario and we discuss all the handover decision issues in our solution.


Vertical Handover Heterogeneous Wireless Network Service Continuity Handover Decision Decision Issue 
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  1. 1.Labortoire d'Informatique de Paris 6 (LIP6)University Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris6), CNRS UMR 7606ParisFrance

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