Improving a Single Down-Sampled Image Using Probability-Filtering-Based Interpolation and Improved Poisson Maximum A Posteriori Super-Resolution

  • Min-Cheng PanEmail author
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We present a novel hybrid scheme called "hyper-resolution" that integrates image probability-filtering-based interpolation and improved Poisson maximum a posteriori (MAP) super-resolution to respectively enhance high spatial and spatial-frequency resolutions of a single down-sampled image. A new approach to interpolation is proposed for simultaneous image interpolation and smoothing by exploiting the probability filter coupled with a pyramidal decomposition and the Poisson MAP super-resolution is improved with the techniques of edge maps and pseudo-blurring. Simulation results demonstrate that this hyper-resolution scheme substantially improves the quality of a single gray-level, color, or noisy image, respectively.


Color Information Technology Quantum Information Noisy Image Hybrid Scheme 


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