Dynamics of bright soliton bound states in (2+1)-dimensional multicomponent long wave-short wave system

  • K. Sakkaravarthi
  • T. Kanna
Regular Article Integrable Systems and Solitons


In this paper, we construct the bright-soliton bound states of an integrable (2 + 1)-dimensional multicomponent long wave-short wave resonance interaction (LSRI) system by using the exact bright-soliton solutions obtained in Ref. [24] and analyze their interesting collision dynamics. We show that the beating and breathing oscillations of the bound solitons can be controlled by tuning the polarization parameters. Also, we explore the interaction between the bound-soliton and a standard soliton. We also point out that the two bound-soliton state seems to be robust against collision with a standard soliton and remain to be bounded even after collision.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Post Graduate and Research Department of PhysicsBishop Heber CollegeTiruchirapalliIndia

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