The presence of two electron beams in a Cherenkov maser and their different behavior for generation and amplification of THz electromagnetic waves

  • Zeinab Hajijamali-Arani
  • Bahram Jazi
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The wave propagation in a cylindrical metallic waveguide including a dielectric tube is investigated. Two electron beams with opposite velocities are injected in the system as energy sources. It is shown that one of the electron beams is responsible for Cherenkov radiation, the other one is as the stabilizer. The dispersion relation of the waves, impedance of the waves, operating frequency of the system and time growth rate of THz waves are investigated. The effects of relative permittivity constant of dielectric tube, the geometrical dimensions, and the accelerating voltage on time growth rate are investigated. The effective factors on the frequency spectra of the waveguide will be presented too. It is obtained that the time growth rate of the waves increases with increasing the dielectric permittivity and thickness of the dielectric tube. In addition, with increasing the accelerating voltage the time growth rate has opposite behavior in some of the branches of the dispersion graphs. The power obtained in the excitation process for one branch of the dispersion graphs is presented. The graph of variations of transported power with respect to the wave frequency is plotted.


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  1. 1.Department of Laser and Photonics, Faculty of PhysicsUniversity of KashanKashanIran

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