Quantum particle probe of the Kerr naked singularity

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We investigate Kerr’s timelike naked singularity within the framework of quantum mechanics. A quantum particle in the form of a massive boson is sent in the plane \(\theta = \pi/2\) to the naked ring singularity of Kerr which develops for the overspinning case \((a>M)\) to test it from a quantum picture. This singularity is analysed in two different coordinate systems. We show that the spatial operator of the Klein-Gordon equation both in Boyer-Lindquist and in the dragging coordinate systems has a unique self-adjoint extension. As a result, the classical Kerr’s ring singularity becomes quantum regular, if it is probed with massive bosonic particles obeying the Klein-Gordon equation.


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  1. 1.Department of PhysicsEastern Mediterranean Universitynorth CyprusTurkey

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