Effective fields in magnetic colloids and features of their magnetization kinetics


We present results of magnetization and magnetic susceptibility dependence investigations performed for undecane-based ferrofluids with dominant of Brownian relaxation for particles. A robust and effective method of fine particle size characterization is presented. It is based on the core–shell model and the analysis of the dependence of saturation magnetization on particle concentration. A novel advantage method has been used as a straightforward way to determine the concentration dependence of the effective field related to particle interaction that was calculated from the experimentally obtained concentration dependence of low field susceptibility. The computed relationship is compared with the concentration dependences of effective fields derived from several well-known theoretical models. We present some peculiarities of the real part of dynamic magnetic susceptibility on temperature. Investigated features are defined both by the magnetic state of fine particles and by crystallization of carrier at the liquid to a solid phase transition. For the first time, the dependence of the magnetization relaxation time on the colloidal particle concentration and the magnitude of bias DC magnetic field was investigated experimentally. Results are in good agreement with theoretical predictions for moderate concentration and significantly differs for concentration greater 7 vol%. It is concluded that this effect can be related either to the enhanced particle interaction or to the transition of some particles from superparamagnetic to a ferromagnetic state. These predictions are verified through the calculation in terms of Cole–Cole diagrams methods.

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Data availability statement

This manuscript has associated data in a data repository. [Authors’ comment: Mainly the analysis results are illustrated via fig. 14 and fig. 15. So adding the same data to this part of manuscript looks to be not reasonable.]


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This work was supported by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation in the framework of the base part of the governmental ordering for scientific research works (Project No. 0795-2020-0030). We gratefully thank Dr. Arthur Zakinyan for discussion and help with graphical abstract preparation.

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Yuri I. Dikansky was the leader of the team designed the research, developed a model for results analysis, did theoretical analysis of effective field models, and supervised the research. Anna G. Ispiryan took experimental measurements and did most of the computations for theoretical models. Igor M. Arefyev synthesized the samples for investigation and measured some physical properties of samples. Stanislav A. Kunikin made the experimental configuration for measuring all samples and did the analysis of the dispersion of magnetic susceptibility. All the authors have discussed the results and contributed to writing up the paper.

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Correspondence to Yuri I. Dikansky.

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