Self-assembly of magnetically functionalized star-polymer nano-colloids

  • Ronald Blaak
  • Christos N. Likos
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We explore the potential of star-polymers that carry super-paramagnetic nano-particles as end-groups with respect to the single-molecule self-assembly process. With the aid of molecular dynamics simulation, the configurations of these macromolecules are analyzed as a function of functionality, magnetic interaction strength, and the length of the polymeric arms. By means of an external magnetic field the nano-particles can be controlled to form static or dynamic dipolar chains, resulting in conformations of isolated stars that can be characterized by the average number of chains and length. The single-molecule conformation diagram in the plane of magnetic interaction strength vs. the star-functionality is obtained. Further, the molecules are characterized by means of various shape and size order parameters.

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Soft Matter: Colloids and Nanoparticles 



Open Access funding provided by University of Vienna


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