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The view from the biochemist

Comment on “Chromatin code, local non-equilibrium dynamics, and the emergence of transcription regulatory programs” by Arndt Benecke
Focus Point


The review by Arndt Benecke focuses on chromatin, a major hallmark of eukaryotic life. The dynamic of chromatin and its underlying mechanisms are discussed. In addition, theoretical properties of chromatin associated with transcriptional regulation are presented. In the present brief comment on the review by Arndt Benecke, we wish to provide additional information regarding chromatin structure and in particular on the so-called “histone code hypothesis”. We will discuss about the emerging idea that chromatin structure is much more complex than previously thought. The possibility that chromatin modifications may play important roles in biology beside transcriptional regulation will also be put forward.


87.15.Aa Theory and modeling; computer simulation 87.16.-b Subcellular structure and processes 87.16.Sr Chromosomes, histones 


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