Entanglement dephasing of spatially separated multiparticle GHZ states coupled to a squeezed environment

  • Shao-Hua Xiang
  • Shun-Ru Zhang
  • Ke-Hui Song
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We investigate the position-dependent dynamics of N noninteracting two-state particles (qubits) coupled to a one-dimensional environment initially in squeezed vacuum state. The system-environment interaction is purely dephasing. We analyze the time evolution of multipartite GHZ states in the decoherence model by means of the genuinely multipartite concurrence. We find that the squeezed environment can cause the complete or incomplete decay of the entanglement of GHZ states. In particular, we find that for the independent dephasing, the entanglement can revive again after its complete disappearance. The revival time depends on the distance between the adjacent qubits, the cutoff frequency of the noise field, and the number of qubits, regardless of the degree of bath squeezing.


Quantum Optics 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of Physics and Information EngineeringHuaihua UniversityHuaihua, HunanP.R. China

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